Color decoration and painting of external objects

Architectural lighting is a field that connects architects, designers and/or electrical engineers who deal with the design of lighting systems including natural and artificial light. Lighting design requires consideration of the amount of functional light present, the energy consumed, as well as the aesthetic appearance provided by the lighting system. In some spaces, such as sports facilities or surgery rooms, the primary task is to provide an adequate amount of light. Some buildings, such as warehouses and office buildings, primarily focus on reducing costs and saving money through the energy efficiency of lighting systems. In other buildings, such as theaters, museums, monuments and the like, in addition to ensuring light and energy efficiency, lighting systems also have the function of improving design through the shape and color of light, and increase the emotional impact of architecture on the observer. For each of the applications, it is necessary to choose an adequate light source. 

New LED lamp  BRICK  is the ideal lamp for architectural lighting, which is also the winner of the prestigious 'PLSN Gold Star Product Award' as "Best new exterior architectural light"