We offer lighting design and planning services, advice on choosing a lighting fixture and light source. 
Professional lighting design of living space, architectural, decorative or road lighting becomes a key element of a successful project.  
Our expert team of designers and lighting designers is at your disposal for all your questions and clarifications.

Installation, connection and programming
Each lamp must be professionally installed, connected and directed. In the case of smart lighting, it is still necessary to program scenes for simpler and more functional use. Our professional team is at your disposal.   

Why modernize lighting?
The energy demands placed on today's private or business facilities and public administration facilities are greater than ever. The high price of electricity is becoming an ever-increasing cost of the budget or the cost of doing business, while at the same time the lighting fixtures that are mostly used are technologically outdated, and their functionality often does not meet today's standards. Acknowledging the possibilities of today's modern lamps, our role is also to advise users on choosing the optimal technology. When designing interior lighting, in addition to efficiency, we pay special attention to designing and creating an atmosphere depending on the purpose of the space. 

Modernized lighting provides savings on energy costs, savings on maintenance costs, and reduces the time and effort required for maintenance work. We use lighting fixtures and light sources of the most modern technology that are environmentally acceptable, and whose exploitation encourages ecological business, reduces the emission of harmful greenhouse gases, and supports the sustainable development of society as a whole.