Ovi uvjeti kupnje definiraju postupak naručivanja, plaćanja, isporuke i povrata odnosno reklamacije proizvoda ponuđenih na našim internet stranicama. Isporučitelj (Prodavatelj) robe ponuđene na ovim stranicama je HORFAM d.o.o. , (ShopHORFAM) a Kupac robe je posjetitelj internet trgovine koji odabere barem jedan proizvod, popuni elektronski formular narudžbe i pošalje ga Prodavatelju.
ShopHORFAM  je trgovački naziv (brand) i registrirani su i u vlasništvu tvrtke HORFAM d.o.o.
The minimum order is HRK 1.00
Company information (Seller)
HORFAM d.o.o.
Headquarters: Ivana Lackovića 43
HR 10408 Velika Mlaka
OIB/VAT   HR70024126117
The company is registered in the court register of the Commercial Court in Zagreb under the number MBS: 080175399., Management of the company: director Denis Horvat, share capital: HRK 20,000.00

Office: Velikopoljska 31
HR10010 Zagreb
Tel + 385 1 6551197
Fax +385 1 6525470
email: horfam@horfam.hr

Warehouse: Bani 108, Buzin
Working hours: Mon-Fri 7:30-15:30
The webshop is open for orders from 0-24, and questions related to online shopping can be sent to the email: info@lumidat.com

Naručivanje robe u ShopHORFAM webshop-u moguće je 24 sata na dan, 7 dana u tjednu.
ORDERING PROCEDURE: LUMIDAT Web shop offers its customers its products by clicking on the product name, picture or MORE The customer is shown the details of the product, with the available quantity. By clicking on ADD TO CART, the product is added to the cart. If a product without quantity or with insufficient quantity is selected, your order is received as an inquiry based on which we will send you an offer or let you know when the product is available. At the top right of the web shop is a symbolic view of the shopping cart. By clicking on that field, the currently selected products are displayed to the Customer and, if necessary, the Customer can make changes. When the Customer is sure that he wants to complete his purchase, he must click on the option CLOSE ORDER. The customer can make the purchase as a registered user or as a non-registered user, which is selected in this step. In the order specification, the customer enters the name, address, telephone number and e-mail. In this step, the Customer must indicate that he accepts the Terms of Use by clicking on the attached box.
After choosing the payment method, the Customer goes to the next step by clicking the ORDER option, or returns to the previous step by clicking CONTINUE SHOPPING. The customer receives an automated order confirmation by e-mail (Order Confirmation).
The contract with LUMIDAT Web shop is realized the moment HORFAM d.o.o. receive payment to your giro account. The delivery is confirmed via e-mail and the invoice is delivered with the delivered product.

In the event that the ordered product is not available or cannot be delivered for any reason, e.g. due to the synchronization time of the available quantities, damage to the product, the Seller will inform the Buyer (electronically, in writing or by phone) about the aforementioned.
The buyer can then accept the new delivery date, cancel the order or choose another product. If the buyer decides to cancel the order, the seller will return the money no later than seven working days after the cancellation occurred.
If the Customer decides to cancel the order is obliged to inform the Seller about this before the product is sent for delivery, in which case no costs will be charged and the amount charged will be returned and at the latest within seven working days from when the cancellation occurred.
If the Customer decides to return the product after receiving it, the refund or replacement of the product will be made within seven working days upon receipt of the specific product at HORFAM d.o.o.

The customer can make the payment by credit card (one-off or in installments), general money order or Internet banking and cash on delivery. The cards that can be used for payment are: MasterCard, Maestro, Visa and Diners one-time or Diners installments. For secure authorization of payments on our website, we use the services of our partner T-Com and their Pay Way system, which ensures secure online credit card transactions. All online payments made through our pages are made through a connection protected with 128-bit SSL data encryption and the MD5 algorithm.  Instructions for 3dsecure online shoppingPayments by general money order can be made at the counter of Post, Fine, banks, etc. or via Internet banking. If the Customer chooses the method of payment by direct deposit or Internet banking, the product is sent when we receive the payment to our giro account.
Bank details for payment: 
Payer: Customer's first and last name, Address  
Recipient: HORFAM d.o.o. , I. Lackovića 43, 10408 Velika Mlaka 
Call for approval number: (order number) 
Opis plaćanja: ShopHORFAM  web narudžba
IBAN: HR8723600001102689566
For Users (customers) who have a place of residence or place of residence, i.e. headquarters outside the Republic of Croatia and pay in a currency other than the Croatian kuna (HRK), all payments will be made in Croatian kuna (HRK), and the amount for which the User's credit card will be charged through the conversion of the price from euros (€) to Croatian kuna (HRK) according to the valid exchange rate list of the Croatian National Bank. When charging with the User's credit card, the same amount is converted into the User's local currency according to the valid exchange rate list of the association of cardholders. As a result of the price conversion, there is a possibility small differences in the amount compared to the original price displayed on our website.