About us

The company HORFAM Ltd. was founded in 1991. From the very beginning the companys main activity is the wholesale of light sources, lighting fixtures and electrical materials for the maintenance of lighting systems. We started doing  business by the realization of cooperation with the company General Electric in the distribution of a complete range of  lighting sources and systems. This collaboration successfully runs today. But with the growth needs of our customers, we have expanded our business by introducing products from other manufacturers, so today except GE we distribute products from OSRAM, BLV, ELT, RELCO and Daylight Italia.

Our mision is to grow and develop as a socially responsible company, and promote sustainable development for the benefit of society as a whole.
If you have a need for some of our products or feel that together we can prepare and implement future projects, please contact us with confidence. We look forward to future cooperation.

Horfam d.o.o.