We have been importing and selling light sources, lighting fixtures and maintenance materials for lighting systems since 1991. We started our business by distributing light bulbs and, as our needs grew, we expanded our portfolio with products for industrial and public lighting and professional lighting products for TV, Film and stage.
The innovativeness and expertise of our technical and sales staff and the anticipation of market trends enable us to introduce specialized products and services to the market. We integrate our acquired competences, technological know-how, experience and financial resources into projects tailored to each client's needs. We are a dynamic company with great ambitions, based on our commitment to service, professionalism and quality.

Our mission is to grow and develop as a socially responsible company and to promote sustainable development for the benefit of society as a whole. The company ensures the achievement of its business goals by effectively integrating the quality management system according to ISO9001: 2015 and the environmental protection system according to ISO14001: 2015 into everyday work processes. The company continuously monitors customer satisfaction levels, which is an indicator of respect for their requirements and expectations, and measures the efficiency of their business processes, and analyzes the results and findings through regular annual internal audits. The business is in compliance with all legal norms and regulations in the industry. By implementing an environmental management system in its day-to-day operations, the company demonstrates a commitment to protecting nature and the environment, and contributes to the prevention of incident situations.

If you are in need of any of our products or services and / or feel that we can prepare and implement future projects together, please contact us with confidence.

We are looking forward to future cooperation.