Can the coronavirus be killed by UV radiation: Using UVC rays and disinfection with UV light

There is only one type of UV ray that could reliably destroy the coronavirus, but it is extremely dangerous.

"They would literally fry people," said Dan Arnold. Arnold works for UV Light Technology, a company that supplies hospitals, pharmacies and food factories with disinfection equipment across the UK.
Although there has been no research to prove that UVC specifically affects Covid-19, some earlier research has shown that it can be used against other coronaviruses, such as SARS. The radiation damages the structure of their genetic material and prevents the virus particles from making more copies of themselves.

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With the observance of precautions and mandatory avoidance of exposure of the skin and eyes to UV rays, lamps, especially portable ones handheld UVC flashlight it can be a good collaborator for sterilizing surfaces in the household, office or sales area.
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